Business Coaching for Contractors

We help contractors fix their Profit Leaks, gain control of their operations, and take more time off while still getting paid.

Join a Community of Contractors and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Construction Millionaire Academy is the #1 Program for Contractors who want to grow their business and win their time back.

What is 10xBLT?

One on One

Get personalized custom feedback on your business and quarterly strategic plans based on your goals and vision.

Community of Construction and Trades Pros

When you join you get instant access to a community of like-minded contractors. Learn from others who have already walked the walk.

Visual Learning. Hands-On Implementation.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to scale your contracting business and have the support to implement it successfully.

The 10XBLT Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll get results in this program, and that’s why we created the “5X in 5 months” guarantee. Which means if you don’t 5X your investment in the first 5 months of working with us , then we work with you for FREE until you do.

Meet Dominic Rubino

Contractors find Dom when they are looking for answers about time, people on their team, money, growth, and getting Control back in their business.

Through his digital courses, podcast, media articles and social media, Dom shows contractors simple real world ways to reinvent their business.

He’s casual, friendly and blunt at the same time.

About the program

What we teach


Sales are the lifeblood of any business. We teach you how to create a process that works for your organization to maximize your opportunities.


Put an end to low margin jobs once and for all. You’ll discover a few simple shifts to earn more and fix your profit leaks.


Many contractors know the trade but don’t know how to grow the business. The CMA program solves that by showing you exactly how to delegate and run each department efficiently.

Tame the Chaos

If you’re tired of constantly putting out fires and working endless hours, then it’s time to tame the chaos in your business. You’ll learn techniques, hacks, and best practices to smooth out the edges and be the boss.

Simplify Your Business

Step by step guidance to take your contracting business to new heights.

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